Preparing a Feast Fit for a King

Excerpts Between Friends

To: Peter Gabriel

good day,

i was wondering...

are you involved with any charitable organizations?

is there some sort-of peter gabriel foundation?

thank you,

To: Daniel

No peter gabriel anything :)

I do my part in Amnesty international... human rights.

Plus, real world studios are a kind of charitable organization. We give chances to artists of the world to put their ideas into reality. Oftenly, in Africa, there is a bundle of good artists who do not have the money or the chance of being all they can be. So us, at RWS, we fetch them up.

It's not that known, but in my career I did "bankrupt" 3 times... giving it all to human rights in W.O.M.A.D, To get me up (we did a concert in the early 80', called SIX OF THE BEST, a reunion concert with genesis.)

Not many artists are in this situation, trice... and it ain't because of a career downer, I was whiling to do it.

anyway, good day.

Peter Gabriel

Several more emails are exchanged that talk about these matters, as well as, the Genesis' song, Supper's Ready. From these conversation an idea is born.

To: Peter Gabriel

i've been trying to figure out how to best take advantage of this opportunity. out of frustration, i turned to the sky and asked her, "now what?"

and, she says: "KISS for me?"

as i bow my head in shame... i say to meself... "da... Keep It Simple you Stupid ass"

right... a website... start with a website... do for myself just like i would do for anyone else. (is that the golden rule in reverse or sumpin'?)

sound like a plan?


editors note about you and Sunday:
while doing the following, my daughter and i discovered the song "shaking the tree" (she's 5) much to my delight, she made me play it like a gadzillion times.

the whole family was quite into the music thing (i hadda go out and buy some of your cd's yesterday... less, i appear the fool again.)


To: Peter Gabriel

theoretically, Sunday should be my day of work (since i worship the other six? hehehe)

so, that's what i did today... or is what i did today worship? worship... work... i dunno.

anyhoo... i put an outline of what sort-a website i was thinkin' about at

i've listed some people under "friends"... if you say, that any of em ain't your friend... i'll scratch the name from the list... cuz if they ain't a friend of yours, i don't want em on my friends list, either. (yukyukyuk)

beggin' your indulgence,

To Daniel:

The idea is there... the peace of bread is there... now put some butter, mustard, meat, salad and a touch of love and you'll get your results! know what I mean?

Peter Gabriel