by the way... i've only mentioned the really
bad news to 2 other humans... cuz ya purdy
much need to understand the physics of it...
as well as the metaphysics of it.

since they both seemed to understand the
"bigger problem", i hope it safe to expose
others... like you.

lil' background:

'round 1995 i told others about the extinction of man
being possible.  since it was based on my spiritual
being... they did not seem to believe me.

this was a good thing.  because i knew that if i
could not convince people at that time, that i was
unlikely to be believable to anyone  (saving
me from am-bare-ass-ment.  ya know... "look at chicken
little... hahaha" and, they say behind my back
"he should be locked up")

so, i setup empirical data / scientific experiments
to prove that it applied to physical beings.

from 2000 through now, these experiments have
been proving it true.  the results have been published
along the way and are verifiable.

others have proven it with different experiments.



so no more man is a valid thought. but, this is only
the little problem.

The Bigger Problem

i've had some say... that no more man would be a
good thing... cleansing of the earth, etc.

those were all humans talking

my spiritual body has also been listening

there is a large group of beings... they are screaming in my

the first time i heard them... it sent a chill up my spine

it still does every time i listen

do you know what they mean?

i do.

do you know of any religions that believe in reincarnation?

do you know of any beliefs where a soul must return to
a human body before proceeding in the afterlife?

a person commits suicide and goes to a place somewhere
in between, etc.?

well... can you make the leap?

what if i am right about human extinction?

yeah... cleansing of humans might be better than humans
suffering... no more humans trashing the other animal and
plant life on earth... a safe and clean earth

but... what about all them... all the other souls?

what about all those souls that need a human body?
all those souls in waiting?

and, how about the souls currently in living bodies...
that are screwing up this time around... how about
people like saddam?  where will his soul go if
he can not come back to improve?

what about all the souls of people like hitler... that
need to be human again?

at this very moment, they are very afraid that we are
going to destroy ourselves before they have a chance
to make it through.

we will be shutting the door on them... forever.

they are uneasy about that thought.

please think very hard about what this means to not
just our little, stinky planet... what about the entire
universe... what about all the rest?


there is no time for me to try n' prove this in a
scientific way.  this time i hope you believe me
based on the other experiments.  or better yet...
ask them yourself.


sorry... let me clarify

i had a couple people question me 'bout this today

there are several threats from the big problem

here are 2

1) if all humans do go... we got a lot of
ignorant... and or badguy...etc souls
that could be left that way for... ever?

this is less likely than:

2) these stupid asses don't get that some
humans (or other medium) may still exist
for them to try again

(remember these are the souls that didn't
get it in a big way already... how wise
have they become?)

soooo... they panic

thinking that this is it... they see...
that humans really are going to be extinct
on earth (this part is true. but, they miss
the other part...  the part where some humans
do make it through... kinda like how they didn't...
only opposite situation.)

therefore, grab one while you can
grab a live one now... while you can
take over a body before it's toooo late!
manifest before it is too late!!!

get it?

demons and such... coming to a body near you

hehehe... maybe so near... it is you



a nudder point has just been put in my head
(makin' it feel extra pointy)

i had thought... that in the long run... there really
would be bodies for those in spiritual need of one


the jesus/kingarthur thread pointed sumpin out


two dudes who they say ain't dead

how many lost souls have got to reuse their body
exchange/birth/death cycle thingie?

 i asked if i could be put on the list...
just incase i don't make it through this
time 'round)

the other way to say this...

in the extinction of man here

and, the hope that bodies will still be
available for lost souls to be reincarnated
into, etc.

what if the bodies that do make it through
never die?  (and the newbirths not the same no

maybe them stupid ass souls caught in betwixt
aint so stupid

maybe they should be panicin'?

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