from: a player
Subject:  "All players"

 "elimination of all players is a possibility."

If the golden rule should hold the masses accountable
and not the individuals themselves.  would this not contradict
the rule itself?




or yes.

i mean what individual is not responsible in some way for
being part of the "mass"

so maybe you can say

        the golden rule should hold the mass accountable
        for the mass... and not any single person

and, this is true.

in fact... this is one of the main points... or results...
proven with the Golden Rule's Social Justification experiment.


to write it up a different way:

the collection of masses that you have referred to...
is called humankind

all those who are humans... are individual game players


if you are a game player, and you don't
like the strategy of the other game players...
what are you going to do in this "non-cooperative
game of life?"

(remember Nash won his Nobel prize for work with
non-cooperative game theory)

hmmmm... what are you going to do... quit?

if so, how does one quit being part of humankind...
suicide... build a space ship and leave... or?

and, if one should choose to quit ... will they
be "doing unto others as....?"

i mean... will they be doing what is "the best response
for all players?"

therefore... by definition... by lack of contradiction...
the golden rule includes that:

        all parts of the mass are "accountable" for being
        part of the mass

(as well as, the individual parts... the masses/or massee?
... themselves... being accountable for themselves.)

that is why the rule says you can't quit... and still be a winner.

if you quit life on Earth, you will not be helping those less fortunate...
those parts of the mass that are already less fortunate than you... those
yet to become more unfortunate than you... you would be leaving
them behind. that certainly can't be the best response for all.

so... like it or not... you are a player.  you are one of the players.
you are accountable for whether you play or quit... and how you
play.  you are also included in the team accountability.

                IF THE TEAM LOSES, YOU LOSE.

        "elimination of all players is a possibility."


1. you can not find a player that is not part of the game
(nor part of the team.)
2. therefore, every (wo)man will be part of the justification
of humankind (because we are all parts of the team.)

it is certainly possible that some of these players will not
be eliminated.  perhaps they will be on the winning team?

------------take home test--------------

but, just for kicks...
3. though it could be possible, I have not found one (1)
player that is giving the best response for all players...
have you?

[that is to say -- you will have trouble finding parts
that "are giving the best responses for all."
and, even if you do find some ideal parts...
... you can not identify a single part... that is not
part of the whole."  IF THE WHOLE LOSES, THE PARTS LOSE.]

try this fun survey at home:

a) do you want other people to piss in your drinking water?
b) where does your urine go?
c) how are you going to pay for drinking water in the years
to come?

a) do you want other people to poison the air you breath?
b) do you use gas, oil, electricity made from coal?
c) how are you going to pay for air to breath in the years
to come?

a) do you use any goods or services (or own any assets)
that contribute to tax revenues?
b) do you want other governments bombing our cities and killing
our children?
c) how are you going to pay back the victim's families
from the countless civilian casualties we have caused?


right.  after taking a survey like this, it becomes obvious
that it is unlikely that there will be a winning team.
in fact, it looks like all humans are on the same team.
and, instead of working together like teammates... that stand
a chance of winning...

well... look out your window... or turn on the tv... or ask
a scientist about the reversibility of global warming

all this leading me to believe that

        although it is "certainly possible that some of
        these players will not be eliminated," it is likely
        that all players on the losing team will be

the usual thought process from here is... dag nab it...
looks like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place --
        i am a living earthling!
        i am stuck on a losing team!

and, from there many, many say... if I must play, I shall
defeat evil... but, please... that won't work... don't
try n' put out the fire with gasoline?

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