you said --

i am more worried
about you that you have to think about these things all the time i realize
the obvious importance of all this but please try not to make yourself crazy

i reply --

thank you for your concern. another case of irony, too...
several email threads come to a crossroads with each other
over ignorance... hehehe

in any event, here is why it won't drive me crazy:

Ignorant and selfish -- that is what I am.
All this thinking is really more than just thinking.  It
has to do with both my Earthly and Heavenly goals.
So, it isn't that it will drive me crazy.  It's that I
literally don't have anything "better" to do than to
work toward my goals.

Selfish & Ignorant?
Yes.  My Earthly goal is to achieve a habitable climate
for our children's children's children.  Originally, I thought
the goal to be "a given."  Easy.   A done deal.  However, the
more I learn; the more I learn that the goal is a lofty one.

My initial Heavenly goal is to make it through the moral
justification.  Just as there is economic justification, there
is moral justification.  I was given this life to work through
my ignorance.  Therefore, I doubt that ignorance will
make a good excuse at my judgement time.

"You've been given dozens of years to do your homework
to get into Heaven.  Now, what is your excuse?  Your dog
ate it?"

In fact, it is almost funny... how ironic that would be --
you're given this life to gain enlightenment.  what
kind of excuse can ignorance be, then?  Sorry, God...
the reason I'm not enlightened is because I'm too ignorant.
No DA! By definition, it will be a failing grade on
the final exam.

I mean I would be giving myself a failing grade.  For me
to plead ignorance, will be for me to plead having failed
(in the quest for enlightenment.)

I fear many humans do not understand... nor do they care
to understand this part.  The ignorant making an informed
choice to remain ignorant.  This problem particularly worries
me about many Christians.  Soooo many do not understand that
ignorance is not a sin (at least that I know of.)  Thus, to
be forgiven of your sins does not forgive you for being

Thus... ya see...
my attempts to enlighten others... results in as much
(or more) enlightenment for this ignorant soul.

Therefore, the selfish goal of helping to enlighten others
(scribin' and buglin' the messages) appears to help me achieve
both my Earthly and Heavenly goals.

1) increases the chances we can keep human reproduction sustained
to meet my goal... before the environmental/economic justification
2) increases the chances I will work far enough through my ignorance
to meet my goal... before my personal justification

hmmm... a better way to end those sentences might be to say...
before the justification is over ... for I am sensing through my veil
of ignorance... that both justifications have already started to occur.

[by the way... besides my "personal goals"... what I've said is not
opinion.  it is based on logic.  and, what I've said are my goals...
are really the goals of our team.  I talked in first person... since
many of the words used tend to evoke inappropriate emotions in
ignorant readers.]

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