King Arthur's Dog

King Arthur is a legendary British leader and hero. According to medieval history, he led the defense of Britain against the Saxon invaders in the early 6th century. There is still a great debate as to whether Arthur existed or is just a myth. However, it appears a man name Arthur did live during that time period and that folklore helped keep his memory alive.

The facts that started the legend of King Arthur are:
1) Arthur was a man that lived and led in Britain.
2) Arthur never called himself a king.
3) Arthur loved his dog.

Legends of King Arthur speak of Cavall, a mighty hunter and boon companion. Cavall was Arthur's "favourite dog". One of the only facts that can be documented about Arthur is how he wept upon his dog's death.

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King Arthurs Dog
King Arthur's Dog Music Video .MP4

As far as any author
That writes of King Arthur
The only thing they know
Letting his dog go
Broke his heart
When they'd part

Guinevere, my dear
You can't hold a light
The canine time
Gives us might

Broke his heart
When they'd part

No matter how quick
Merlin's magic
You would have to concede
Not up to dog's speed

Broke his heart
When they'd part

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