Ammunition Premonition


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Ammunition Premonition

I've felt a weird paranoid-like premonition
I keep feeling like I might be able to runaway
Hide from the evil that is after me
Maybe just wait to see the light from the barrel
Not waiting to hear the sound... and hitting the ground
Before the bullet meets my bone
My reflex and timing I'm trying to hone
With my hand-eye coordination... trying to get in the zone

The premonition says quartermaster ammunition
The kind of ammunition for any situation
Be it figurative or literal
Be prepared to rock n' roll

Construct a booby-trap out of wit
Turn into a camouflage mirage
Do whatever it takes
And, never quit

She makes the breaks
So, I won't forget to thank God
For living through the day
For keeping my mind broad
And, a focus on the way...
The right way in the game we play
A life or death game in which we play to the finish
I just wish... someone 
Was on the side of life
Not all against none
Fighting for death and strife

I've felt a weird paranoid-like premonition
And, I've the notion...
To side with the underdog
Completely in sympathy for humanity
To side with the undergod
Against every odd
And, be the minion cog
In Her plan to withstand Man

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