Beat My Mother

Beat My Mother (MP3)

C / G7 / D


Beat My Mother

In the days to come
What shall we make
Of the things we take
Once we've won
At coming undone
What will it take
For us not to break

Once we beat
Mother Nature
How can we be sure
It's not our own defeat?
Once we tie the knot
With Lucifer
Selling our souls 
At the crossroads
How will we deliver
Our tolls
At the crossroads?
You think it can't happen?
Why not?
We decided to begin
Then, journeyed far
So, why do you find it bizarre
That we've come to an impasse
On how to oppose
Taking the road to hell
And, by not choosing to carry on
To heaven
We've chosen the road to hell

At the crossroads
With our heavy loads
The weight of the world on our back
The strength to live we lack
We could not understand the promised land
It was so easy to take comfort in the devil's den

Yeah, we thought it mature to beat-up Mother nature
Sure, we thought we could endure
But, now having come further
We've discovered, "I want my mommy."
Silly, it took us so long to see?

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