Hey, Baby!

Hey, Baby!(MP3)

F# / C#4 / D#4


   Hey, baby,
   Havin' a good time?
   Hey, baby,
   You feeling fine?

So, your social security is insecure
We spent it all and then some more
Yes, it's clear that your air isn't
We could do more... but won't
The deficit? Ahhh... forget it
"Forgive us our debts" is our motto
Fiscal responsibility we do not know


You think your water's not fit to drink?
An ozone hole... the atmosphere's thin
Wreaking havoc on your fair skin
Is it fair... everything I've taken?
Spent your education on military might
Tax and spend with no end in sight
That just don't seem right


You think your basic human rights
Have been trampled under foot?
And, it's a shame that no one unites
Raising the point only results in "moot"
'cause everyone would rather fuss and fight
Considering your repetitive plea as trite
They'd rather just give you the boot


Hey, baby,
Sorry to see you cry,
Hey, baby,
Not your fault... you're gonna die.

The Membrane Domain

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