Hi, Fidelity?

Hi, Fidelity? (MP3)

Bm / G / Em


Hi, Fidelity?

Introductory lament:
Do I have to devote more than one day on the way to devotion?
How much time is needed to show my devotion?
While I hesitate, has it become to late?

Hi, Fidelity,

Didn't you know...
This is even worse than low
Now, that we've insisted on no...
No fidelity
You can say good-bye

Bye, Fidelity,

It's too bad I can't buy fidelity
I'd buy some for me
And, some for you, too
But, you see...
No sum can buy you some
(Sorry, if I sound dumb
But, I...
   ...don't want to say good-bye
'cause ya see
I'm all for hi-fidelity
The zeal is for real
Ardor faithfulness
Adore devotion
So, I'm willing to give anything a try
For my will...
Our will -- our volition
Determination to serve more
Not less
Why abhor in arrogance?
Implore for humbleness...
And, a saving grace from my mess?
Then, will I have a chance
To say, "Hi, Fidelity!")

Post ramble:
High-five for hi-fi?
No high-five for hi-fi
No high-five
Had the chance the whole time I've been alive....

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