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In what land did I land?
I'm not sure how it happened
I think it was quick as a blink
It's not like I had to try...
Just opened up to above
And, was transported through love

Then, to realize...
That what I see before my eyes
Is the way it's suppose to be --

So, far away from home
I thought I'd be homesick
"No matter where I roam,
Be it land, of sea or foam."
But, seeing the heaven we disregarded
And, well... going back to our living hell...
Made me feel retarded
Not a forward moving civilization
Rather one in retrograde
That would rather fade... in devastation
No, I'm not homesick
I'm sick over our sick home

Species disappearing at an alarming rate
People moribund... I can't keep-up with the body count to-date
Anthropogenic climate change... 
We thought we could do a better job than God
And, decided to re-arrange
"Let's make it hot where's it suppose to be cold.
Are you still board?
Let's be really bold... and play The Lord!
Where there's land... let's make it flood.
Where they farm... how about we cause a draught?
As with their wounds, let's rub salt into their mud...
You know... so, that nothing will grow.
Should a plant sprout from below,
We'll hit it with a tornado.
Hmmm... now you made me wonder... 
How about some thunder?
Or, wooo-eeeee... a tsunami?
For goodness sake, how about an earthquake?
And, you know it's hard to hide from a mudslide.
Heehe... silly, me...
What do you say we see who can remain...
After another hurricane?"

Oh, you say that's already been done?

Then, just for fun...
Are you homesick?

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