Em / improv.



What about me?
Am I some kind of  oddity?
I mean... really,
Doesn't anyone else out there care?

Forget about me,
I'm some kind of oddity,
Caring more about humanity,
Than personal gain,
I'm more interested,
In seeing some remain,
The others' hearts -- arrested,
Dead and without feeling,
Forgot about kneeling,
In humble servitude,
Opting instead to be rude...
Lewd, crude and harboring a selfish attitude.

Remember me?
The oddity.
I just wish my oddness would spread,
Seep into every head,
Though I'd lose my specialty,
I'd gladly give my eyes,
For the blind to see,
I'd gladly give my I's,
For others to be.

The Membrane Domain

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