The Usual Unusual

The Usual Unusual (MP3)

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The Usual Unusual

When did the unusual
Become usual?
It use to be quite an event
But, now... somehow... 
It's become typical
Have the rules been bent?

Towns get blown away
And, still people say,
"Let's rebuild in harms-way!"
Warming's here to stay
And, still people deny
It's gonna cause 'em to die
Birds that once flew
Coming down with flu?
Isn't this new for you?
Hospitals shut down a wing
Before a rapid spreading virus
Takes down all of us
Isn't that a strange thing?
A freakish frankenfish 
Doesn't sound like a tasty dish
Where did all the sharks go?
Even the scientists don't know
Where's the land of the free and brave?
Our freedoms are gone as we misbehave
We don't care to understand...
We've turned ourselves into a slave
And, there's no one left that can save
And, nobody sees
It's just business as usual
Acting kind-of casual
Though surrounded by the unusual
It doesn't sound practical
No, not at all
Certainly not in the long-run,
Ahhh... but, who cares about that?
We just wanna live for the moment
And, have some fun
We forget that someday we'll regret
When it comes to considering... we can't
These days, the place we're at...
Is reserved for the fat cat
Didn't wanna be a lean peace machine
Know what I mean?
We'd rather prove what's right with might
Causing us to lose sight...
Of where we've taken us
We just all jumped on the bus
On the bandwagon
Ya know... go with the flow?
But, we threw out the baby with the bath water
And presently, the sea is now coming for me
Those good 'ole days are gone
I'd better spend my time 
Learning to swim faster
Leaving behind everything I called mine
To be consider bathtub grime
Here I thought I was in my prime
Only to find out... I'm slowly dyin'

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