For Goodness' Sake



For Goodness' Sake

The humbleness of humility,
Looks as if it's vanishing,
Could good be relinquishing,
To the grip of depravity?

Good, God!
Evil is not suppose to,
Be victorious over good,
It should...
Win-over me and you.

"The Devil made me do it,"
Just won't cut it,
Gotta break that habit,
Of taking the easy advice of vice,
And, suffice to say...
Choose the right way!

To pick a virtue or two,
To adhere to,
Might be a good point-of-view,
To pick a virtue or two,
To carry through,
Might be the right thing to do.

With an angel on one shoulder,
And, Lucifer on the other,
Who will be bolder?
Who is the holder,
Of your conviction?
For goodness' sake,
Which will you take?
What is your selection?

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