Why donít you rattle it,
Just a bit?
Not your saber,
Your brain.

Don't want to bother,
With the strain,
Rather take the easy train,
Though it's really a runaway,
You'd rather stay,
On the track you're on?
Clickity clack,
Until you're upon,
The end of the line?
Then, it's too late to wine,
The rattle will intensify,
Until WHACK!
And, it's too late to cry,
As your brain,
Slams into your cranium,
Your lifeblood will drain,
And, you'll wonder,
"Who I am?"
As you plunder,
Not even a friend,
To watch your end.

So, why not rattle,
At least a little,
Go ahead,
Rattle your head,
Rattle your brain,
And, listen to the refrain --
The essence of benevolence,
Most remain!

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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