Adjoining MP3

Ebm7 / B (b5)


What's the matter with me?
Not much... really
Really, I'm quite happy
The thing is... the adjoining
Those on the verge
And, what separates... and where we merge
I wonder if anyone spectates... or, do you speculate everyone participates?
Do you think those on the verge... are on the verge of being submerged?
Are we on the verge of destruction?
Have we determined that those adjoining are on the verge of elimination?
What sort-of speculation can you offer as to my destiny if I eliminate everything adjoining me?
Instead of enjoying the adjoining, we considered them apprehensive... got defensive
And, started detesting the adjoining
Heading no warning
Just digesting the adoring and regurgitating the abhorring 
Forever ignoring the duty in front of me --
the adjoining
Forever ignoring the responsibility left behind me --
the adjoining
Beside myself in vanity 
Abandoning the adjoining 
Replacing with me
Destroying the adjoining
At the peril of me
Now, there's nothing left to see

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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