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Contemplating the state of the nation
Deliberating the fate of sensation
More than just a quick peek
More than just a critique
Contemplating the rate of deflation
Deliberating the date of termination
More than just a quick peak
More than just a critique

When it comes to God's artwork
At least to the part known as Man
I am...
An art critic
It caught my eye... and quick
What an ugly picture we've painted
What a lovely scene we've tainted
We shouldn't be hung on the wall to admire
We should be hung from the neck 'til we expire

Exasperated at what we've exhausted
Frustrated at how we've hated
Now I hate the way we molded the clay
Our sculpture is deformed
Our inspiration needs reformed
Prior to the expiration of our commission
How can we expect remuneration for our creation?
Or, do we expect the Almighty won't be critical to all?
I hate to risk it with a "wait and see"
When the result could be fatal

I hope it's not too late to state
Our artwork has made this critic sick
I hope it's not too late to change this trait
I'm sure not going to sit around and wait
I've my paint and brush
Now, I'm in a rush
To help beautify I

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