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The other day
I was thinking...
Since we started with a big bang
What do you say about going out with a big bang?

Yes, once I found out about the origin of the universe
I felt like a virgin of knowledge as to our source
Here... humans have set the course
To go out the way we came in
And, we're doing everything we can to make it happen
The line we walk is very thin
And, I'm afraid it's a line we crossed
Now, when I pray for warmth, I get frost
A cold shoulder
A "Get lost!"
I should have told Her,
"How may I serve you?" a long time ago,
How can I claim ignorance... like I didn't know?
What a shame the arrogance -- "Here's my horn.  I'll give it a blow!"
Without the creator, I'd never've been born.  I would've missed the show.

So, now it's time to go

The party's over
Our place in shambles
There's no way to cover our troubles
We're out of food
We're out of drink
We're out of good
We didn't bother to think
So, dang!
It's time for the BIG BANG!

The problem with this finale
Is there can be no encore
The problem for you and me
Is there can be no more

The closing bell rang,
It's time for the BIG BANG!

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