Lost Innocents

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G / C / Gm / D74


Why won't they level on the threat level?
Orange, yellow, red...
Is any of it based on "how many dead?"
The terrorists can't resist
Do you wanna bet on the real threat?

Building our castles on the sands of time
Building our homes along the shoreline
Just expecting everything will be fine
How many schools in New Orleans have to be wiped clean?
How many schoolchildren in the Philippines have to learn what it means
     to be buried under mud?
How many youth in Africa have to have a machete stained with their blood?

We lost our innocence when we lost our innocents
An offense that can not be forgiven
We claimed our guilt when we lost our innocents
No defense can be given

First, we induce climate change
Then, we put our children in harm's way
We don't consider it strange the way we rearrange
Our environment
How can we claim ignorance as a defense
When we knew exactly what we meant
This is what we meant to do
And, did
If we tell what is true...
Not a single fib
We'll have to admit it --

We lost our innocence when we lost our innocents

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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