Much To Our Chagrin

Much To Our Chagrin MP3

Bb / Db / Dm


The world's collapsing on the children 
As they're grasping at straws
It awes -- our chagrin
The world's collapsing on the children 
Entombed in our crud
No way to hide from our crudslide
Our love bomb a dud
The water meant to quench their thirst
Came second... behind "me first!"
Now draughts and saltwater intrusion 
Call into question our parenting vision
Shelter? No land left to call home
Aliment? No place left to plant some
Water? No river safe to drink from
Comfort? No sage left to chant ohm
Leaves me left to question "who I am"

Much to our chagrin
We do it again and again
Regardless of the children
We do it again and again
Our mess... we impose on them
Much to their chagrin
We're "doin' em in"

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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