Big Hairy Deal (Ordeal)

Big Hairy Deal (Ordeal) MP3

Cm / Bb / A aug / Gm


Despite any claims to the contrary,
The situation is getting kind-of hairy,
I mean... what the #$&%
Authority's run amuck,
Looking for responsibility?
You're out of luck,
Sorry, if I sound dumb,
But, are you claiming some,
Or are you looking to me?

Yeah, it's a big hairy deal,
And, sad to say...
It's for real,
Yes, sir, a big hairy deal,
It's here today,
Itís here to stay,
We must perish,
Or deal,
Stop being selfish,
And, start to feel,
We must persist,
If we are to exist,
Or how do we deal,
With the ordeal?

Thinking of piling it on the next generation,
Brings on regurgitation,
We've made the pile so high,
It's blocking out the sky,
Yet, we can't answer "why?"
Gestation of our situation,
Results in aggravation,
Of my gut feeling,
That we've been stealing,
The children's time...
Isn't that a crime?

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