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I asked God,
To show me, 
A picture of grace,
She said,
That's easy,
And, it doesn't have to be,
In the future."
So, I tried to trace,
What I see,
A lovely place,
And, company,
A comforting space,
With your family.

The family of man,
Standing hand in hand,
(And, I pray no one forgets...
All their pets,)
The brightest of lights,
Giving them an ambient glow,
There are no fights,
As everyone is in the know,
Their song is sweet,
For my soul...
A treat,
Together the parts,
Making a whole,
Together the hearts,
Obtaining the goal,
Heaven, man!
The picture of grace,
And, you no we can...
Embrace grace,
It's easy to see,

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