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The last thing I was expecting to see
Was other people in this miraculous fantasy
Do you know the way?
I've been guided by the light
To step out of the blight
And, move toward the light
To step away from the wrong
And, move toward the right

The last thing I was expecting to see
Was others in this miraculous fantasy
As you wail, "This is no fairytale!"
Everyone is trying to slight
Everyone is trying to fight
I'd say I know the way
It's the high way
I wouldn't mossy along
I'd run from the wrong
In flight to what's right
Because we don't have long."

The last thing I was expecting to see
Was that this is no fantasy... rather... reality
No, this is no fantasy
Quite the contrary
And, we won't see any magic fairy relieving our jeopardy
No, now I understand that this is no storybook land
The mad humans really are in command
And, they're determined to drive headlong into a stone wall
And, they're resolved to stonewall anyone strong-headed about the direction we're headed
Until all become less evolved and are (our) dissolved
Only when they see Man return to the sea will they be happy
Falling apart into minute molecules and miniscule particles

It's our choice 
Enlightened beings
Or, lose our voice by choosing the solution solution  --
Sea things
Can you see things?
Do you know the recipe?
1 part population to 1 part ocean = our solution solution

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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