Fried Flounder

Fried Flounder MP3

D / E / C#


If we get very desperate... like we forget
How to swim?
Or, we're asking... "When was the last time we ate?"
I'd bet... we might flounder
Like a flounder out of water?
Up the crick without a paddle
On the roof without a ladder
Your horse sees a snake... you're thrown from saddle
Have you ever had a bird trapped inside your house
Flailing about trying to make a break
Only to fail and be the one to break?
"Oh,  poor thing broke it's wing."

When we get very desperate... like we neglect
A good plan
There'll be no masking... nor, a debate
     Regret... not making it sounder?
No best case scenario
No, no, no,
No one will know which way to go
Let alone which way the water will flow
The weatherman perplexed, "Will it be temperate or will it snow?"
And, we'll still be asking, "When was the last time we ate? 
When will we eat next?  Does anybody know?"
The weatherman stupefied, "Will a tropical or arctic wind blow?"
Fellow man not hand in hand 
Not trying to understand
It will make you sick the way they panic
Hearing them yelp, "Won't someone help?"
It won't matter if you tried or cried

The whetherman convinced, "You're well past the date for sealing your fate."
As I wonder... will I last... will I be the bait... will I be the flounder... drowned or fried? 

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