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Wait a second!
But, don't slow down,
Because I want to keep running,
From the end,
As the green is turning brown,
I wonder,
Is it the end of our season?
The thought keeps running,
Through my head,
Do you think it should be said,
Man is without reason,
The way we spoil splendor?
I ponder,
Are we near the end of the line?
Have we passed the point,
Of no return?
Have we used up our time?
Spent more than we earn?
Did we self anoint,
Ourselves -- King Of Beasts,
While serving our subjects,
The least,
Yet, no one objects.

Sooner or later,
The alarm will sound,
Just look around,
Us as the hater,
The sirens will scream,
Bringing an end,
To our dream,
Losing our ability to pretend,
That everything is honky dory,
As we reach the end,
Of our story,
Humans cared less,
Humans were careless,
Their reign concluded,
In distress,
Their plan... a mess,
No love included.

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