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G / Em


One will say I'm loopy,
I'm nuts,
Just 'cause I'm a happy,
With no "if's, and's or but's."

So, if that's too wacky,
For you to handle,
Hope you've butter fingers,
That I slip right though,
Yeah, if that's too daffy,
You are the vandal,
Whose dread still lingers.

Why not jump on the bandwagon,
I hate to do the draggin',
Come on!
Jump on!
It won't hurt you,
To feel good,
In fact, you should,
And, you could...
Be contagious,
And, that would,
Be good... for all of us.

Go ahead,
Laugh, clown, laugh,
Rid the dread,
Let me hear,
That you smile,
From ear to ear,
Give it a trial,
It's like a life raft,
For those who feel down,
So, clown,
Laugh, laugh, laugh?

Tickle your funny bone,
Let me know I'm not alone?
If this is being insane,
Haul aboard the train,
It's pullin' out of your depression station,
And, will continue in motion,
Toward bliss, happiness and elation,
For my duration.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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