Reinforcements From The Rear

Reinforcements From The Rear MP3

C / Cm7 / C7


Seein' things,
I can't believe,
Trouble brings,
No relief,
No belief,
To relieve.

How can they send,
From the rear,
When the rear,
Is right here?
Still he laments,
"How can I hope,
Others further behind,
Can help this arse,
In the lead?
Of course,
It's time I concede,
And, get it through my mind...
That I'm the dope.
It's time to let logic,
Be my friend."

Ah, yes!
I confess,
What is meant,
By reinforcement,
From the rear,
It's right here,
The farce,
The arse,
I can see,
Is me,
It's coming clear.

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