Runaway MP3

D/ F# / A


Run away, 
From the runaway,
And, hurry!

My brain,
Is like a runaway train,
And, it's telling me,
To run away,
Building momentum,
No humdrum,
Coming this way,
It's the power of mankind,
And, sorry to say,
It's unkind,
... on a collision course,
With this voice,
So, please guide vocal,
Away from this curse,
Will you heed my call?
Should I start running,
Do I have a choice?
It keeps on coming,
So, I'll keep on running,
Watching our social fabric fray,
All the way,
As I runaway,

If there was anything,
I could do,
I'd stay,
But, there is nothing,
To help you,
So, if I were you,
I'd runaway, too.
Do not stray,
Just run, run, runaway.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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