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Knock, knock, knock!
"This is Big Brother,
You'd better bother,
To let us in!"

Ahhh... it's a sin,
Their heads made of block,
"Go away,
There's no one home today."

Oh, no... here they come again.

"If you don't let us in,
We'll huff and puff,
And, blow your door down."

Makes ya wear,
A human rights frown,
Brings a tear,
The way they spread fear,
It's like being,
Little Red Riding Hood,
In a really dread neighborhood.

I can't believe what I'm seeing!

The Big Bad Wolf,
Terrorizing love,
Afraid to speak,
Feeling weak,
No place to run,
Blocking the sun,
Casting a shadow,
On our fellow...
Is it humane?

Ohhh no,
I don't know,
Better come up with a plan,
'cause here they come again.

"This is your last chance,
We're here to destroy romance,
We're going to toss you in jail,
And, throw away the key."

Am I going to talk,
Or, climb under a rock?
Argh... what a loss... turning pale,
Look at me,
Am I a man,
Or, a mouse,
Am I going to stand and demand,
Or, be a louse? 

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