One Hand

One Hand MP3

Key of C piano improvisation
Played with one hand


Look, Ma,
One hand!
Look, Ma,
No hands?

How is it possible,
To command?
Could it be,
The more I give,
The more I receive,
Hard to perceive,
That I'm able,
To be me,
But, I'm starting,
To understand,
I could be me,
With one hand,
Tied behind my back,
It's startling!
There's nothing I lack,
To be one,
With the universe,
Unless, of course,
I acquire,
The desire...
The desire,
For me,
To be,
At your expense,
... to say,
"I've won."
For if I'm one,
With the universe,
Then, the universe,
I'm in,
Must win,
Less I make no sense,
And, let logic stray,
That course,
Sounds coarse,
Do I want,
To give pain,
So, that I will get,
The same?
Soundin' like a lame brain,
I'm getting' off that train,
And, back on the "right" track,
Out of the red,
And, into the black,
In The Book,
Let is be said,
Chapter and verse,
That you've tried,
One hand tied,
Behind your back,
There's nothing you lack,
To be one with the universe...
To have won with the universe.

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