The Result

The Result MP3

F7 / A dim / E


If memory serves me right,
You said we'd make it through the night,
But, now you're not so sure,
About our future?

What's in store?
The result,
The other side of the equal sign,
1-1=... zero,
Not, trying to be a hero,
Just trying to tell you,
By default,
By design,
The other side of the equal sign,
Must balance,
There's no chance,
It won't,
So, please don't,
Say there's anything you can do.

Our situation,
Is just such an equation,
There's nothing we can do,
To alter this "point-of-view,"
The result,
Of what we've done,
Our fault,
For having come undone.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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