If I Had The Time

If I Had The Time

F#dm / Am / C


I've been thinking... what exactly is human's habitat?
Would "time" be included?
If so, where at?
I haven't concluded

What I meant...
Is it ok to say that "time is part of our environment?"

I suppose... one could argue that time is just a measuring
tool... a rule contrived by humans... and doesn't really "exist"

Who knows?

Another twist... without the presence of time, we could
not inhabit our habitat

Time is of the essence

With or without humans...
plants still need time... to grow... no matter how slow
and, I'm quite sure animals still need time... to mature
of course, course river rocks need time... for water to move and make them smooth

It would seem time is a basic human need --
Food, water, shelter... and time 

Yes.  I need time to be able to say "I'm"

If I could only stockpile for a while
But, it keeps slipping through my fingers
Never lingers

Might as well make the best use of it 
While I have a habitat
Forget tit-for-tat
And, remember where "I'm" at in time

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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