Mercury & Venus

Mercury & Venus (MP3)

E / Bm / Am


Can I help lighten your load?
I can't help but to let love explode
When I lighten the slightest on my heart
It makes me float on my feet
Mercury-like wings sprout
Draped in compassion fashion
Venus gives the treat that's sweet
Invoking invocation for my situation
Provoking a desire to lift everyone higher
Thus, my query to you:
Can I help lighten your load?
I'm flying high and would like you to, too
I can't help but to let love explode
And, there's been a chain-like reaction
It started with a small faction
Just a tiny fraction of the population
But, if we calculate how to give back more than we take
Regenerating instead of exploiting
We just might make...
A trend toward avoiding
The End.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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