Muck Chucker

Muck Chucker (MP3)

C9 / Dm9 / Em9 / Dm


"Don't chuck your muck in my dustpan
My dustpan's full"
Like a fool... I forgot how to behave like a human
Forthwith, I have turned myself into worm meal
A raw deal?
I felt it was something I had to do --
Spew all over you
So, much, too!
My dustpan runneth over
Nowhere to seek cover
Er, a... my diarrhea splattered all over ya
This sticky situation is stinking
Have you ever smelt something this strong?
Should have been stronger at thinking 
Instead of longer at being wrong

I chucked so much muck
Forever making excuses
"I would have... I would... I would"
More would than a would chuck could chuck
Meanwhile... everyone loses

Claiming, "I'd never be mean while...!"
No.  I can't say it confuses
It just makes me a hypocrite
A knave that can't claim naivete
Yup.  That's it --
A lie that'll cause us to die.

I'm a muck chucker
A real mother $&#$%*

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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