Sorry But The Truth Sucks

Sorry But The Truth Sucks (MP3)

m9 / Em / Em7


Sorry, but the truth sucks
We lined ourselves up like sitting ducks
More interested in big bucks than being responsible
Greed rose to the top and started to spill
The noxious by-products eventually making everyone ill
We refuse to be responsible
We refuse to claim responsibility in the face of reality
Eventually, we shall see
Even if one is agile and moves and ducks
They'll be hit with the reality that the truth sucks
Ya know...
We've knocked over the first domino
Do you see how they all are in-line to fall?
They'll be no stopping 'er now
So, sorry, but the truth sucks
We could have been heroes but chose to be schmucks
Reduced to zeros 
Placeholders in the body count
Without a doubt we could have said "can" but chose to say "can't"
Now, we're out of luck
Watch what is turn to was
Do you think the truth does... suck?

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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