The Fox Hunt

The Fox Hunt (MP3)

G# / G#m / F#m


Draw a target on your heart,
So, Cupid gets a better shot?
I want to ensure a bull's eye...
To guarantee perfect placement,
Of his dart.

On the trail of a certain female
A vixen of perfection
I'm hoping through persuasion
She'll let love prevail
Hunting for the right approach
To reveal my affection
(Without scaring her away
Due to my clumsy actions)

There are certain lines
I do not want to broach
Nor misunderstanding
In the words I say
I'm looking for her signs
To help guide my way
... us comprehending 
Our interactions
With rewarding satisfaction

The dance of the mates
It's what love creates --
Sweet romance
By chance, may I have the next dance?

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