The Zeppelin Led

The Zeppelin Led (MP3)

C#mm7 / Dm


The prophecy went over like a lead balloon
No one wanting to hear it's coming here... and soon

The ostriches resumed their positions in the sand
Not believing a UFO will land
A zeppelin led the parade to raid 
As the sapiens laid and played
It rained down like a lead balloon
Smashing and thrashing in a reign of doom

The ostriches laid an egg
Ending their picnic in a panic
They'd burnt their candle from both ends of the wick
No matter how they'd plead or beg
They were consumed by the Hindenburg
The Earth's purge
Sapiens submerge

Ya know, it's a shame the show
Known as the human race 
Had to go... down like a lead zeppelin
In disgrace
Can ya tell me again how we let it happen?

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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