Religious Business

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Religious Business MP3
C / F / G7


Disciplined disciples of the dollar,
Standing at their pulpit,
As they holler:
"Repent! Repent with every cent,
Now, give it! Give it! Give it!"

The business of religion,
Payin' to be forgiven,
It's a religious business,
That doesn't include us.

Wonder what the Big Boss thinks,
About management that stinks?
Preachers preying on the praying,
All the while claiming,
Their message's heaven sent:
"Give it! Give it! Give it!
Repent! Repent with every cent,"

They concede to greed,
And, feed on fear,
A monetary creed,
That they hold dear,
Robbing the poor,
To help self-enrich,
Raising their bank account,
A considerable amount,
Leaving open the door,
To steal some more.

"Open your pocket,
And, put it in the plate,
Now, that I've got it,
I'm on the take."

Claiming to be a missionary,
While being oh so contrary,
A hypocrite exhorting greed,
While off your money they feed.

A religious business,
That's such a mess,
Soooo &#$*ed-up,
... could go bankrupt,
When the Lord checks The Book,
What'll become of the crook?

"Forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors,"
But, when there's no accountin',
For what's been given,
Kinda makes it hard... 
To be forgiven.

Though I'm just a retard,
If ya'd ask me,
About accountability,
I'd bet...
On the creator's.
(In fact,
You can bank on it!)

Repeat verses 1 and 2

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