The Ballad of Sir Vent

One on the day you’re born
How long
Does it take to learn
To cherish every moment
’til you’re rendered silent
Light from the candle’s either ends
Shines bright on the message it sends

A life unfurled
In a wind whirled
How long does it take to understand
From a fetus curled
’til my dust becomes land

After fulfilling your purpose
Do you feel worthless
What with my time shall I do
Oh, God, I’m asking you
Can you make this servant

Style: Alternative Rock / Progressive
Chords: Em C / Am C Em; 100 BPM Piano Ballad
Recording: live / original take / digital 1-track stereo
Recorded on Mother’s Day May 13, 2018

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

From the album Cracked Open

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