Tunnel Under
(How Far To Dig?)

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This song is about an economic theory and anthropological study. Click here for more information.


The plan to control,
Certainly won't rock,
And, it likely won't roll.
(tick, tock goes the clock)

Central command,
Will demand,
A toll,
On the lesser.


Or, will you dig?
Stand up to Mr. Big?
Or, flip your wig?
How far will you dig?

Is it time to tunnel under,
Due to corporate blunder,
Is it time to tunnel under,
Due to Federal Commander?

Gotta dig,
Gotta dig deep,
Less evil's influence will seep,
It will creep,
And, rob your essence,
Like a greedy pig.

Will you help dig?
I hope you come along?
Can you dig this jig?
Same ole' dance and song.

How deep need we go?
Do you know?
How far to go?

How far must we go?
Just must trust?
Gotta tunnel under...
Is it any wonder?

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