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Minstrels Gone Mad

Dribbling Rivalry


At Your SirVice

Castle Hassle

Our Amore Armor



Monkey Business

The Adventures Of Sir Vent

Coming Apart

$1,000 Reward (But, You've Gotta Bring 'em Back Alive!)

On The Right Track

The Jig Is Up

While You Can

Her Terrible Swift Sword singles

Index Of Midi Music For most songs, channels 9 & 10 should be set for drums. If your midi player can't play drums on 9, change 9 to 10. The patches are best suited for Yamaha. Roland drums, Roland GR-1 with a Fender Stratocaster, Casio Horn, Audio Tech. microphone with a vocal harmonizor, and various other keyboards are also used. All music is written and recorded live!

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