Fathers' Day

Cats In The Cradle

Original by Harry Chapin Coversong by Daniel Verse: E G My child arrived just the other day, A E He came to the world in the usual way E G But there were planes to catch and bills to pay, A E He learned to walk while I was away D A/C# Bm A And […]

Like Father, Like Son

All the days under the sun Like father, like son All the ways our mission won Like father, like son A chip off the ‘ole block Contribution to the genetic […]

This Is Getting Old

When getting old is getting old No matter what you’ve been told Can’t even define your own decline Into the abyss of “can’t believe this” Lose your mind and lose your bowels Mumbling consonants as though they’re vowels Can’t even deny nor even try Can’t even say why you’re in decay Growing old has […]

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