Fall And Autumn

A Cold November Day

After The Fall

As the leaves fall
It’s not that surprising at all
Another year around the sun
Is almost done
By the time we get there
The trees will be bare
Then, they say
It’s due
To start anew

The way the Earth is built
There’s a change to our tilt
The days grow shorter and shorter still
Until it starts to spill
Through the solstice
With all of us

Fall All Over You (Autumn Equinox)

When the Autumn comes
I fall all over you
There’s not much I can do
It’s the season to fall for you

Become aware there’s something in the air
Make a memory to share
You know we’ve got to let the summer go
Before you know — snow
(Yeah, here/hear we go)

Open up the window
I want to take in some more
One thing’s for sure
Open up the door lore
I want to take in some more
You know let’s go go-go
Out the door and take in some more


LYRICS As leaves start to fall It makes me recall Both the old and new Come flowing through (you do) It’s a gift. It’s a present Presenting my life story From the past to the present A flash inventory (your glory) Started as a child Took me quite a while To garner our first kiss […]

The Fall Of Fall

LYRICS The turning of the leaves on the trees One believes they do die Released from life they fly through the sky Waving in the wind… bye-bye From green to gold and red Turning to brown … turning dead ’till Spring when “born again” is heard said The scene turning green instead Meant they’re dormant […]

Falling On Your….

LYRICS The pain of falling on your ass Hopin’, prayin’ it will pass Slippin’ on the ice ain’t nice No satisfaction from the lack of friction (no traction) The experience of the fall Didn’t really hurt at all In fact, it was only the impact… The End of my end The pain of falling on […]

Harvest Fest

LYRICS Looks like the rule of the sun is done After all, it’s turning into fall There’ll be more darkness than light Looks like the day is ruled by the night It won’t be long now ’till the Harvest Fest On the raised praise may we digest Dear you hear them warn of a winter […]

Fall Into Winter

LYRICS Though the temperature’s dropping The season is rocking As we fall into winter The heat of rapture Can’t help but capture Your heart The warmth is part The warmth impart Heaven’s lark Let the songbird be heard ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — A A+G# Ab slide up an octave to A […]

Cascades (The Fall of the Waterfall)

LYRICS The quite chill of an autumn morning The lichen might consider quite trite But, the human glare finds it worthwhile to stare As the fluid cascades amongst the solid The sunlight cascades over the mountain top Spilling colors of every hue Any man must stop to ponder what it is we did Every man […]

It Is All Falling Down

This song was written about the Fall Season and Halloween. Is it ironic that Fall is called fall? There is that sense of death. The leaves die and FALL of the trees. Maybe the feeling of death and rebirth has something to do with the customs of Halloween […]

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