* Disclaimer
1) Disclaimer for having a disclaimer.
We regret to inform you that it has come to that point where a disclaimer is needed. We really do not want a disclaimer, nor any liability it may bring. That being said, we have made our disclaimer's font size="+2", to make sure we have no small print.

2) Please, do not be a jackass.
KingArthur.com is engaged in journalism, as well as, the performing arts. Please do not get confused. We report and document. Once something is published, it can not be unpublished; therefore, we strongly suggest that you do not commit crimes. Back in the day, it use to be that most of the crimes captured on film where committed by police departments and parking authority employees, etc.; however, as of late, many citizens have been committing crimes on camera. Even if it is not captured on camera, we are witness to the crimes. When called into a court of law, we have to watch you being a jackass, too. And, we'd rather not. Thank you.