"to my children's children's children"

Q:  btw, what gave you the idea to do these things?

A:  well... that's a good question
it started many years ago with a vision that i had...
about humans killing themselves off

then... over the last 10 years... science has proven the vision to
be true -- most scientists and world leaders (outside the USA) believe
global warming will have severe consequences in their lifetimes

people like tony blair... who use to say it might affect their great
grandchildren... now acknowledge that they may not outlive the problem

sooooo... in the year 2000 i set up an estate plan for any
grand children i may have someday... what would i want to leave
behind to my grand children?

i started an in-depth study... anthropological sort-a thing...
and asked people what made them the happiest in their lives

the answer wasn't money

the #1 answer among the "not so old" crowd - experiencing their children
the #1 answer among the "elders" -- experiencing their grand children

i decided to make that my estate plan... the ability for any children
i may have to experience their own children and grand children

in order for me to execute my estate plan, i need to ensure a healthy
environment for "my children's children's children"

the more effort, time and such that i put into executing my plan... the
more i learned that i may fail

at first i couldn't really imagine a world without humans...
now that i've done my homework... it's hard to imagine a world with
humans... and not in some distant time... but within years

soooooo... i can sit here and cry about it
or we can do something about it?