dear peter gabriel,

the dinner bell tolls for you,

"Supper's Ready!

Come n' get it!"

what i'm doing here:
i am not much more than a scribe... or perhaps a pied piper... or the fool?

fool or jester might be the best way to describe me... at least, that is the deal i cut.

when it is my judgment day... and i face the guards to the promised land, i can get in. though i am a man... though i have sinned... i have asked for a way to make it through. god has assured me that as long as i can get 'em to laugh, i'm in.

well, guess what... it is my judgment day. in fact, it is everyone's judgment day. we have entered into the seven year period of trials and tribulation.

you also guessed it right:

Animals, plants, earth it's self needs are ending for them to live. I don't wish nor goal for our ending. But it would be for the best.

the end is here... as well as, the new beginning.

as we pass through the paradigm, humanity will decide the outcome of our species.

and, i'm scared shitless... making it hard to have a sense of humor. ever try to play the fool when your pissin' your pants outta fear? (so... can ya help me out and at least crack a smile?)

that brings me to you.

do you know why you have come to me, yet?

i do -- to see if you are a hypocrite. is a rite-of-passage... and you are currently entering the gauntlet.

part of the test is to see how much of a hypocrite you are... not just you. but, all celebrities. you happen to be part of a class known as "famous musicians from the 60's and 70's".

when i spoke to god on these matters last august, i argued that this "class" of old farts was the most hypocritical... why would she want me to waste my time on them?

... they all sang about world peace, etc... and what did they all end up doing?

"Bunch of hypocrits," i told her.

well, guess what... you are the first celebrity musician, to show up at "the last supper for humankind".

i guess that sort-a makes you a winner. (your prizes have to do with the 'PR budget and new albums' i emailed you about. you don't think she will let all your good deeds go unnoticed, do you? haven't you heard... the more you give, the more you shall receive)

however, you are chalkin' up some black marks, too. (remember when i warned ya that your website might be considered a human rights violation... ya done anything about it? or didn't you catch my drift when i wrote the FTC and FCC... that it is serious? somebody starting to smell like a hypocrite to you?)

so, peter, now that you have made it here... to the starting line... aren't ya even gonna race?

come on, man... lemme lend ya a hand?

believe it or not,
c. moore

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