Basic Family Tree

Clodius II King of the West Franks 6 BC
Godwulf of Asgard 80 AD
Cyllin of Britain 99 AD (Old King Coel’s mother)
Halfilda Princess of The RUGIJ 106 AD
Fornjotur King in Kvenland 160 AD
Ynkvi King in Turkey 193 AD
Pharamond King of France 370 AD
Basina Princess of the Thuringians 398 AD
St. Columba, Cineal Conaill, the Tyrconell branch of Niall of the Nine Hostages 438 AD
Outeria Duchess of Moselle 504 AD
Eystein Adilsson King In Sweden 594 AD
Alpaide Concubine of Austrasia 654 AD
Gerold I Count of Vinzgau 710 AD
Charlemagne 742 AD
Rognvald I “The Wise” Eysteinsson Earl of More and Romsdal 830 AD
Duncan I (Eryvine) 1034 AD (As written about by Shakespeare in MacBeth)
Somerled ‘King of the Isles’ 1158 AD

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