King Duncan I Of Scotland

Kind Von Mir (child of mine) is a descendant of King Duncan I.

Donnchad mac Crínáin was crowned King Duncan I Of Scotland (died 14 August 1040). He was son of Crínán, hereditary lay abbot of Dunkeld, and Bethóc, daughter of King Malcolm II of Scotland.

Unlike the “King Duncan” of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the historical Duncan was likely a young man. He followed his grandfather Malcolm as King after Malcom’s death on 25 November 1034.

Duncan had at least two sons. The eldest, Malcolm III (Máel Coluim mac Donnchada), was king from 1057 – 1093. The second, Donald III (Domnall Bán, or “Donalbane”), was king after Malcom III’s death.

Macbeth (Mac Bethad mac Findláich) was his dux (duke).

In 1039, Duncan led a large Scot’s army south to seize Durham. The expedition ended in failure; however, Duncan survived. The following year he led his army north to Moray — Macbeth’s domain. There he was killed, at Pitgaveny near Elgin, by his own men that were being led by Macbeth (on 14 August 1040.)

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