We do have a quite a lot of information on the Armstrong family tree. The basis for it was the one your grandfather gave me originally. My brother, Brian Clarke, started expanding on it some years ago making use of the Mormon archives which were then in paper form. For example, he thinks he has the Gates line back to the 1300's in Essex in England. His son, Stephen Clarke, who is now 44, took up the baton and is considered the family expert. Brian's first wife was Mormon, though he never became one, and she is the mother of his three children who were all raised Mormon. As you know, researching your family history is an important obligation in that religion. Now that the records are digitized, access is easier both there and through the various on-line search engines. The Mormons left no stone unturned. The paper copies I have of Brian's original research show a little box to check off whether the person in question has been proxy baptized as Mormon. I find this rather offensive and I'm sure the large number of our Puritan ancestors to whom this has been done are probably grossly offended, wherever they are up there in the ether. But I believe you can refuse, in whatever spiritual state you are in. But I digress.

-- Brenda Batzel