Thomas Gates, Esq. (1327 - 1376)
Father of William Gates

William Gates (1375 - 1420 in High Easter, Essex, England)
Father of Geoffrey Gates; Rafe Gates; Christopher Gates; Agnes Gates and Jane Gates

Geoffrey Gates (1402 - September 22, 1477) and Agnes Baldington Gates (1403 in Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire, England - December 09, 1487)
Parents of William Gates and John Gates

William Gates (1450 - September 28, 1485 in Norfolk, England) and Mabel Capdow (1454 - 1495)
Parents of of John Gates; Richard Gate; William Gates; Dorothy Gates; Sir Geoffrey Gates, Kt.; and Anne Darcy

Sir Geoffrey Gates (1481 - May 07, 1526) and Elizabeth Clapton (Clopton) (1485 - 1517) Daughter of Sir William Clopton, Lord of Castlynes and Joan Clopton
Parents of Sir John Gates, Kt, MP; Sir Henry Gates, Kt., MP; Sir Geoffrey Gates, Kt.; Dorothy Josselyn; Albert Gates, Alice Gates, Avery Gates and William Gates

Sir Geoffrey Gates and Pascall of Essex

Sir Geoffrey Gates, Kt. (1506 - August 22, 1553 in High Easter, Esses, England) and Elizabeth Wentworth (Walsingham) / Joan (1533 in Horton, Northamptonshire, England - July 21, 1596 Tower of London, City of London, Middlesex, England; Place of Burial: Tower of London, Tower Hamlets, Kent)
Parents of Geoffrey Gates; Henry Gates; William Gates; John Gates; Geoffrey Gates; Joyce Gates and Anthony Gates

Geoffrey Gates (1525 - 1599) and Joan Wentworth Gates (July 03, 1529 - August 22, 1558 in High Easter, Essex, England)
Father of of Peter Gates

Peter Gates (b. 1550 - d. October 06, 1605 High Roding, Dunmow, Essex, England) and Mary "Marian Josselyn" Gates (1566)
Parents of Governor Thomas Gates; Mary Gates; Josselyn Gates; Sir Eustace Gates; Thomas Gates, Knt., Gov.; Josselyn Gates and Stephan Gates « less

Eustace Gates (1570 - 1626 in Coney Weston, St. Edmundsbury Borough, Suffolk, Englandmap) and Rose (Wright) Gates (1567 - 1645 in Hingham, England)
Eustace was brother of Governor Thomas Gates, the governor of Jamestown in the English colony of Virginia.
Parents of Rose Gates, William Gates, Stephen Gates, Alice Gates, Mary Gates, Bridget Gates, Simon Gates and Mary Gates

Stephen Gates (1597 - 1662 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Bay Colonymap) and Ann (Neave aka Veare) Gates (1603 - 1683)
Ann(e) was born in England in about 1603. She married Stephen Gates in Hingham, Norfolk, England, on 5 May 1628. In 1638, Stephen and Ann Gates and three children sailed from Hingham, Norfolk, England, to America in 1638 aboard the Diligent of Ipswich, John Martin, master. They settled at first in Hingham, Massachusetts, where Stephen Gates received a grant of 3 acres for a house lot, 12 acres for a “great lott”, and 3 acres for a planting lot. At least four more children were born in Hingham, Massachusetts. All four of these children were baptized at the Hingham church in 1646. In 1647 Stephen Gates received an additional grant of half an acre of salt marsh. In 1648 he sold his land to William Hersey, but remained in Hingham for some time. Stephen and Ann Gates were among the early settlers of Lancaster, Massachusetts, where Stephen Gates subscribed to town orders on 3 April 1654 and was admitted freeman in 1656. In 1658, Stephen Gates lived in Sudbury, Massachusetts. As of 9 June 1662, when Stephen Gates made his will, Stephen and Ann Gates were residents of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Stephen Gates died in Cambridge in 1662, before 29 September 1662, when his estate was inventoried. After his death (on 19 January 1662/3, which is January 19, 1663 in the modern style), the Cambridge committee for seating the meeting house provided that "Goodie Gates" (that is, Ann) would be seated at the end of the Deacon's seats in the Cambridge meeting house.
Ann Neave is in the 10th generation of the family tree for Bill Gates
Parents of Elizabeth (Gates) Lasell, Stephen Gates Jr, Mary (Gates) Maynard, Thomas Gates, Isaac Gates, Rebecca Gates and Simon Gates

Simon Gates (1646 - 1692) and Margaret (Barstow) Gates (1649 - 1707)
Simon was a soldier in King Philip's War. In 1735, his son, Jonathan Gates, was granted land in Narragansett Township on account of his father's service in the war (The Register, vol. 16, p. 145, April 1862); afterward resides in Lancaster, Cambridge and Boston.
Simon Gates was christened in Hingham, Massachusetts, on 3 May 1646. He "resided awhile at Cambridge, next to Lancaster, and at his decease was of Boston, living at Muddy River". On 21 Apr1693, his widow was appointed to administer upon her late husband's estate. The inventory included 120 acres of land in Marlboro; 314 acres of meadow at Lancaster, and 2£.
Parents of of Abigail Gates, Simon Gates, George Gates, Amos Gates, Jonathan Gates, Samuel Gates and Margaret (Gates) Howe

Amos Gates (1681 - 1754) and Hannah (Oldham) Gates (10 Oct 1681 - 1754)
Amos and Hannah, both of Cambridge, MA, married 19 May 1703 in Cambridge.
After the birth of their 1st child, they became residents of Brookline, MA. They returned to Cambridge before 4 Nov. 1729, when he bought 100 acres of land in Framingham, MA, of Edward Wilson. He settled on this farm. He was a tithingman in 1735, overseer of the poor in 1741, and selectman in 1740, and probably 2 years more later. Amos Gates is described as weaver and yeoman in deeds.
Hannah (Gates) Edmunds, Margaret (Gates) Whitney, Abigail (Gates) Pierson, Mary (Gates) Wright, Amos Gates, Oldham Gates, Sarah (Gates) Jones and Samuel Torrey Gates

Oldham Gates (b. 3 Sep., 1716 - d. bef. 1798) and Patience (Bartlett) Gates (b. 2 June, 1734 - d. before Sep., 1759)
Oldham sided with the Royalists in the American Revolution and was wounded at Bunker Hill 17 June 1775.
Parents of Mehitable (Gates) Clayes, Susannah Gates, Ruth Gates, Jonas Towbridge Gates, Dorothy (Gates) Whitman, John Gates, James Gates, Thankful Gates, Mary Gates, Hannah Gates and Oldham Gates Jr

Edward Whitman (1752 - 1822) and Dorothy (Gates) Whitman (1755 - 1829)
Parents of Oldham Armstrong Whitman, Edward Whitman, Mercy (Whitman) Kniffin, Jacob Whitman, Charles Whitman, Asaph Whitman, Lydia Whitman, James Whitman, Salome Whitman, Dorothea Whitman, Diadama Whitman and Margaret Whitman

George Armstrong (1784 - 1876) and Salome Whitman (1790 - 1872)
Parents of Edward Armstrong

Edward Armstrong (1824 -1901) married Sarah Ann (Currell) Armstrong (1829 - 1904)
Parents of Charles H Armstrong, Guilford Burton Armstrong, Lewis Armstrong, Alfred O Armstrong, Wallace R Armstrong, Ernest Howard Armstrong, Melbourne E Armstrong, Louisa J Armstrong and Rupert Otto Armstrong

Mary Beatrice Davis (1867 - 1949) married Dr. Melbourne Edward Armstrong (1866 - 1931)
Parents of Dr. Maurice Whitman Armstrong

Dr. Maurice Whitman Armstrong (1905 - 1967) married Irene Margaret MacDonald (1907 - 1988)
Parents of Sheila, Christina Margaret, Ainslie, and adopted brother John

Christina Margaret Armstrong (1937 - 2017) married James Edward Brouse (1932 - 2020)
Parents of David, Daniel, and Timothy

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