The Armstrongs can be traced back to the original Armstrong clan of Great Britain. The Armstrong Clan (of which Christina Brouse is a descendant) and King Duncan I (Eryvine of which James Brouse is a descendant) 1034 AD. Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is about the murder of King Duncan, as well as, the Armstrongs. The Armstrongs earned their name and coat-of-arms by moving Birnam Wood (forest) to the castle to avenge the King’s death.
Enter MACBETH, Doctor, and Attendants
Bring me no more reports; let them fly all:
Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane,
I cannot taint with fear.

The Clan cut down the trees and carried them toward the castle giving the illusion the forest was moving. The Clan was given the name Armstrong due to their strong arms carrying the trees and rewarded for saving the crown.

Joseph Armstrong (1724) and Janet (Wilson) Armstrong (1721 - 1784)
Parents of Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong (1749 - 1824) and Catherine Elizabeth (Shafner) Schaffner (1757 - Died 11 May 1837 in Wilmot, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canasda)
Richard was born in Dundee, Scotland. Catherine's father, Adam Schafner, was born in 1702 on the lower Rhine in Germany.
Parents of Richard Armstrong Jr, George Armstrong and Francis Armstrong

George Armstrong (1784 - 1876) and Salome Whitman (1790 - 1872) [daughter of Edward Whitman and Dorothy (Gates) Whitman, related to Walt Whitman]
Parents of Edward Armstrong

Edward Armstrong (1824 -1901) married Sarah Ann (Currell) Armstrong (1829 - 1904)
Parents of Charles H Armstrong, Guilford Burton Armstrong, Lewis Armstrong, Alfred O Armstrong, Wallace R Armstrong, Ernest Howard Armstrong, Melbourne E Armstrong, Louisa J Armstrong and Rupert Otto Armstrong

Mary Beatrice Davis (1867 - 1949) married Dr. Melbourne Edward Armstrong (1866 - 1931)
Parents of Dr. Maurice Whitman Armstrong

Dr. Maurice Whitman Armstrong (1905 - 1967) married Irene Margaret MacDonald (1907 - 1988)
Parents of Sheila, Christina Margaret, Ainslie, and adopted brother John
Nursery rhymes said by Grandfather Armstrong.

Christina Margaret Armstrong (1937 - 2017) married James Edward Brouse (1932 - 2020)
Parents of David, Daniel, and Timothy

Family Tree